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Simplifying email cybersecurity by verifying sender identities.
Recipients now have total certainty who actually sent an email.


of threat actors use spear phishing.


of employees are unable to recognize a sophisticated phishing email.


of cyberattacks originate from phishing.

Prove YOU sent an email

Our email plugin seamlessly integrates with your current email interface, and is used with familiar processes. SoulStamps allows users to stamp their identity to outgoing emails in seconds. Recipients confirm the senders real identity by viewing a auto-generated verification box.

Integrates Flawlessy Into

How does it work?



Sending with SoulStamps

Click the SoulStamp Icon in the sending bar to activate. Scan the QR code and approve sending from the mobile app.

Receiving with SoulStamps

SoulStamps automatically displays the senders credentials on the email side bar.


Enterprise Plan

For businesses looking to add closed loop security to enterprise accounts.

• Send millions of stamped emails

• Auto installs in all employee accounts

• Business verification

• Gmail Workspace and Outlook 365 inclusive

• Set authorizations, assign roles & titles, and manage badges

• Full desktop and mobile sender verification

• Time stamping history

• Custom solution requests

A Growing Concern

While security providers work to advance tools like AI behavioral analysis, spoofing & impersonation detectors, and domain/server protection to mitigate email fraud, bad actors also employ new practices and continue to land perfectly disguised phishing emails within organization's inboxes.

Targeted Attacks

Phishing emails are becoming more sophisticated, elaborate, and planned. Attackers target particular organizations, then select individuals to social engineer into forking over sensitive financial and organizational information.

New Tatics

Attackers first acquire stolen login credentials to real accounts and then send malicious emails. Anti-phishing software struggle in parsing out these threats because spoofing, impersonation, and manipulation filters are ineffective.


The volume of targeted phishing emails is increasing. Accelerants such as AI fuel this trend: bad actors can auto-generate impeccably written and curated emails, then send tens of thousands en masse.

A New Approach

Authenticating senders, not emails

Through a combination of advanced cryptography and verification protocols,
SoulStamps provides a layer of trust and certainty to email.

How it works

Sender Verification

As long as you know the human behind the email is legitimate, then you know the email is also safe.

Double Auth

SoulStamps counteracts the “stolen credential threat.” A “stamp” is a security feature on top of email.

Address Agnostic

Recipients know who sent an email, regardless of the senders account. Address spoofing is a useless attack.