Why We Built Soul




How do we discern what is real today? This question often rings for all of us, whether it's the news we read, the images we see, the voices we hear, or the email in our inbox. Trusting what we see is becoming one of the most preeminent concerns of the 21st century. Who can we trust, and how do we know the information received is legitimate? Advances in Generative AI are accelerating these issues: now we are left wondering if what we see originated from neurons or bits.

Bots, deep fakes, phishing, and AI-everything collectively intensify the chaos and confusion for individuals and companies, often resulting in negative consequences: identity fraud, false beliefs, cyberattacks, and violence.

Security and the ability to discern truth across the web and within our own lives have never been more challenging. One missing solution for navigating this un-chartered territory is a proper identity framework. We believe that to form a world where people can trust digital information, there needs to be an established universal identity framework. Some system proving you are you and someone else is who they say they are.

Fortunately, blockchain technology enables this lofty vision. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that confirms what is real and what is fake. Decentralized networks like Solana, Bitcoin, or Ethereum publicly display a live logbook (aka ledger) that is authentic, accurate, and permanent. Fueled by blockchain, Soul is a human verification method stamping truth to the web. The significance: when a SolStamp user communicates with a platform or application, that backend architecture and/or person instantly knows the interaction is, in fact, authentic.

Countering email phishing is one application for Sou platform; they went ahead and developed SoulStamps, an email cybersecurity solutions. Email phishing has a high success rate for a simple reason: attackers can easily impersonate a brand or individual. Recipients unknowingly open the email, click dangerous links, provide login credentials, send wire transfers, and commit other compromising actions believing they are dealing with a legitimate source.

The SoulStamps truth layer resolves the vulnerability and disconnects between email addresses and sender information with actual human beings and authenticated users. SoulStamps enables users to stamp their identity onto outgoing emails. When a recipient views the email, they have instant, visible certainty about who created and sent it.

Hundreds of potential applications will be developed using our technology. Securing emails linked to identity is our trailblazing Version 1.0 use case.

We are a startup with a massive mission and have only just begun. We invite anyone desiring a more secure and trustworthy digital experience to join the SolStamp journey.

About Soul:

Soul revolutionizes digital identity verification by harnessing the power of blockchain technology, providing a secure, innovative, and efficient solution to combat identity theft, fraud, misinformation, and regulatory compliance. With a user-friendly mobile app and seamless integration with the Solana Blockchain, Soul empowers users to prove their identity and inspire trust online. The company is dedicated to creating a more secure digital world with its innovative blockchain-based identity protocol.

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